Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Heed The Call Of Imminent Fundamental Change!

Last Blog-louge I wrote about the economic Tipping Point Trends that surfaced in 2008 and also ways marketing teams can bounce-back in 2009.

Since I wrote the blog, I have been traveling near and far meeting with CEOs, market execs, ethnographers and academics.

I have also had the opportunity to walk the beach, stroll down Fifth Avenue, watch the sun set over the Atlanta skyline and sit outside around the fireplace at my mountain cabin.

During that time, I have thought a lot about what I have seen and heard.

My conclusion?

Trend tracking is nice, but there are larger, more significant changes that are driving, re-scripting and transforming how we will live, work, shop, vote and interact with others in the future.

Mega-Trends are significant...but what is taking place is less developmental and more explosive.

These trends are what I term as Imminent Fundamental Change…
• They cannot be reversed
• They re-engineer foundation architecture
• They impact multiple levels of consumer life

Examples of Imminent Fundamental Change?

1. The return of the home-front and its extension into social bonding

2. The portability of information and its integration with experience

3. Spending constraints defined by rational-responsible application

4. A live-work paradigm of entrepreneurialism, self-sufficiency, craftsmanship and accountability

5. The organizational structure of service and product delivery

These changes are Imminent. They have left the launch pad and they are heading directly into our community and day-to-day lives.

They are fuelded by a combination of technology, currency and personal survival.

These changes impact the fundamental architecture of the economy, the marketplace and social exchange.

Past factors of Imminent Fundamental Change include:
• The ability to transport faster than human or animal travel
• Verbal and visual electronic communications
• Mass access to education
• The Baby Boom and Birth control
• Civil Rights and Non-Discrimination Measures

Since brands are produced and delivered by human beings, it’s not surprising that many businesses are heralding in the New Year by filing Chapter 11.

But…just as much as the glass is half empty… its also half full!

And there are individuals, businesses and brands out there that are “getting it” and instead of entering into Chapter 11, they are moving from the confines of poor me to the opportunity of Wii! (That's not a typo!)

Are these companies smart or what?...

** Terracylce Plant Food made from organic garbage destined for landfills expects to generate $15 million in sales through Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Whole Foods in 2009

** Pringles Potato Chips is incorporating in bits of spuds that were historically discarded in their new organic line of chips and posted double-digit growth in third and fourth quarters of 2008

** Savers posted a 35% increase in sales and continues to expand with 210 stores re-selling "hip and cool" vintage second-hand clothing

** has shifted from the TV Box to the Online Screen with a consumer offering of "whatever" sports you want, "whenever" you want it...and is smiling with a 40% paid subscription increase in 2008

Like I said earlier…

Don’t let the budget cutbacks and the layoffs constrain you.

Engage in a liberation experience! Get out from behind that desk and beyond those four walls!

In our next Blog-logue, I’m going to showcase the launch of a new website and the first of our journeys that is going to venture into the headset and heartbeat of an audience group that dominates the news stories…

And one that I bet will be mentioned in next week’s presidential inauguration speech!

So hey…stop fighting the Imminent Fundamental Change…and let’s journey into how we can tap into the opportunities surfacing!