Thursday, December 27, 2018

Its Time To Wake Up!

Even though it’s the end of the year, I have a lot of active projects.  And in many ways, its why I am taking the time to post this Blog entry as we move quickly into 2019.

Over the course of the last few weeks, the NY Stock Exchange dropped a lot.  

That was until yesterday.  

The Dow posted a 1,000+ point gain – the biggest percentage gain ever in the history of the Dow. Stocks in every category from high tech to retail to financial all posted nearly record-setting gains.

I am the first in line to share that I am not a financial wizard.  Nor am I the most advanced high-tech engineer. 

Many of the readers know I coined a termed called a “BGO” – a Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious. 

The 1,000+ gain yesterday was a classic BGO that the artificial intelligence, high-tech, financial experts along with many C-level managers overlooked. 

In the EXPERIENCE 2019 Trendcast Report, the driver of the next year is identified and that it’s not that complex.  The Millennial families are grabbing hold of the next 10-15 years of global economics, politics and brand cultures. 

The news media salivates to see economic collapse.  The news media outright despises the current leadership in the White House.  

And the news media as it continues to rant and rave, is missing the cues of one of the most revolutionary, historic marketplace change agents.

Over the last two weeks, I purposely went out shopping.  Not necessarily to buy Christmas gifts, but rather talk with and observe shoppers. 

And folks, the shoppers were out in droves! 

Was I hanging out at the Bloomingdale, Restoration Hardware and Barneys New York stores?  


Instead I hung out at places like Macy’s, JC Penny, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Steinmart and Pier 1 stores. 

I went to a half a dozen malls.  I hung out at Starbucks and Trader Joe’s.  I spent more time at Kroger and Publix talking to folks than picking up my groceries. 

I grabbed a drink and dinner at chain and quick service restaurants. 

And it was time well spent.

The ad agencies and digital shops are staffed with folks who seldom leave their gentrified intown bubble-hoods.  The editors and news producers – and God love them – are wired to their laptops writing their 24/7 news.  And the academics – well, they too live in a bubble that becomes more and more and more out-of-touch with reality.  

The Millennials are transitioning quickly.  The economy is transitioning quickly. 


Many still cling to a stereotype of Millennials that sits at coffee houses with their smart phone texting to friends and sending selfies via social media. 

Sometimes I truly do think that it would be best that I did not shine the lights on marketplace reality. 

The less I shine the lights in a Blog like this and presentations I make to business leadership, the more CEOs and business leadership still walking in the darkness of reality… which translates to more business for EXPERIENCE!

Will the stock market drop again… Hell yes.  It will bounce around a lot.  Thanks in part to the Artificial Intelligence … BTW, that’s an oxymoron. 

Amazon is coming to the reality of distribution costs.  Apple is coming to the reality of product market maturity.  Google is coming to the reality of flashing ads on websites does not drive brand purchase behaviors and screening out free speech does not build the best bonds.  And Facebook… well no question, it’s got both the DNC and GOP congressional leadership in its Face. 

BUT… as Millennials buy real estate and next the furniture, lawn and garden equipment, electronic gadgets… and next have kids and then buy the kids clothes, toys and games… and when the moms stay-at-home but continue to work….

We are going to see Wall Street … and Main Street wake up. 

And while I now sip on British Tea, I still brew up some great pots of insights that will wake up your brand!

Come give me a call and let’s get a new start on the day ahead!